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Susie Adams

HR Blue Green

The Official Line

Susie Adams is our Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and media expert. She is also a strategic thinker who can size things up spontaneously. In her background is a long and successful run with Duke Energy, where she led corporate communications and directed the company’s state level philanthropic giving.

Susie Adams – Strengths Coach Gallup – (image)

The Heart Line

We love Susie for her quick wit (it’s a little snarky). She is a graduate of Clemson University and an over-the-top Tiger fan—she is constantly wearing or carrying the latest gear bearing the orange Tiger paw. Like all Interact team members, Susie is a dog lover. “Murphy” was rescued from the Charlotte Humane Society and lives like royalty at Chez Adams.

Susie Adams – HP HR Greys – (image)