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National Media

Interact is always glad to write for national media outlets. Read some of the articles that have been published. For press inquires, email us at

  • Interact on Harvard Business Review
  • Becoming Powerful Makes You Less Empathetic

    The most common leadership failures don’t involve fraud, the embezzlement of funds, or even sex scandals. It’s more common to see leaders fail in the area of every day self-management — and the use power in a way that is motivated by ego and self-interest.

  • Building Trust as a New Leader

    Recently one of my coaching clients, Corey*, landed THE BIG PROMOTION he’d been seeking in his consulting firm. We’d been working on his skills, both in and out of the interviews, and his announcement was cause for celebration, complete with high-fives and happy dances.

  • Interact on Forbes
  • The Top 6 Networking Turn Offs And How To Improve Body Language And Attitude

    This article touches on some key skills to master regarding networking and how to improve your body language if you need a new job to move your career forward. Being present, standing tall, focusing on the other individual, a firm handshake–these things contribute to a foundation of successful networking.

  • Who's in Your Corner? by Lou Solomon
  • Seven Habits of Likable People

    Think being well liked at work isn’t a big deal? Consider: Likable people get more promotions and are viewed as more credible.

    6 Ways to Make Virtual Work More Human

    The advantages of working virtually abound with benefits including flexibility and less time spent traveling on the road. However, engagement and separateness, the state of being kept apart from ones teammates, managers, leaders, and the culture at headquarters can take a toll. Employees who work virtually are often unhappy and on the outside of their companies in more ways than one, and that in turn can hamper productivity.

  • The True Cost of Unproductive Meetings

    If you’re okay with taking a loss, there’s no need to change. If not, you and your team can become intentional about shaping a meeting culture that will save time, energy and money. You can start a meeting revolution.

    Authentic Communication Could Land Your Dream Job

    Confidence is the attractive energy that comes from not having to act like a big deal. Leaders who prioritize the human connection before wielding power are perceived to be more trustworthy than those who do the reverse.

    The Biggest Blind Spot: Lack of Responsibility as a Role Model

    If you are not being a role model for the behavior you are expecting from others, your success will be limited to incremental gains here and there. However, if you are willing to take ownership of team practices and collaborate with members to make them better, you will earn the trust of others. You will overcome one of the biggest blind spots of all—responsibility as a role model for employees, who hold an indispensable key to your success.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Who’s In Your Corner?

    If you belong to a strong peer group whose members share the hope of living a large, happy and successful life, you’re likely to live a large life as well. If you belong to a high-performing, trusting team at a company, you’re likely to do something meaningful and influence the future. A successful peer group or high-performance team can make smarter decisions that any single person.

    6 Ways to Learn to Radiate Charisma If You Don’t Have It at First

    Charisma is measured by your ability to release others into a more enjoyable state of communicating. You do this by being curious, asking questions, listening and being positive.

  • American Management Association
  • Trust: Your #1 Line of Business

    We lose our competitive edge not because we don’t understand business, but because we don’t understand people. Our value begins with the human connections and relationships we have with employees, and pushes out to customers and shareholders.

  • 01-Success-Magazine
  • Six Ways to Unlock Your Charisma

    Charisma doesn’t fit neatly into a box; it’s not about personality, style, professional title or economic status.

    Mom Warned Me about Running with a Bad Crowd

    Imagine traveling through life with a group of smart, enthusiastic peers who are completely engaged in living a large, successful and happy life, never settling for less, and always showing you the way to stretch and go for it. What would happen? You would live a large, successful and happy life.


  • 01-Excellence-Essentials
  • Pressuring Your Team Can Backfire [PDF]

    Performance pressure acts as a double-edged sword for expert teams. Even though motivated to perform, pressured teams are more likely to begin leaning on general or common knowledge to drive toward a goal, while discounting industry expertise, leading to mediocre performance.

    Restoring Trust, Influence and Common Sense [PDF]

    At this crossroads, we have to pause and become intentional about the future. Instead of just reviewing cash flow projections, process, and procedures—we have to consider adding trust as a line of business. Crazy amounts of money are pumped into business processes, while employees long for the kind of human connection and common sense that builds trust, grows engagement, and pushes performance.

    A Social Skill That Can Be Learned [PDF]

    Attention is the electrical current that connects us. It’s unattractive to be distracted when others are speaking, leading a meeting or just trying to have a conversation. A Harvard study confirms that our brain is wired to wander—which is okay when you’re stuck waiting at the doctor’s office or riding the train into work.

  • Trust Pushes Procurement Past Goals

    You can tell a lot about an organization from the way it treats its suppliers. People who treat suppliers with disrespect leak poison into the environment in terms of undermining themselves and their agenda. Suppliers won’t be willing to help if they don’t trust procurement. When we treat suppliers badly, it never comes back in our favor. But if the trust is there, suppliers will want to share what they see in the market. They can be tremendous partners.

  • The Charisma Factor

    Charisma is not about the individual. It’s about how others feel in that person’s presence,” says communications consultant Lou Solomon, adding that Clinton’s charisma is evidenced in part as a conversational style that “makes the other person feel acknowledged and important, like they’re the only other person on the planet.