authentic communication

It doesn’t happen with prescribed tips and techniques. It isn't sparked by focusing on your weaknesses. It takes place when you change the way you think and build on your unique strengths. We have honed the ability to draw out your style, stories, and strengths. This is learning right-side-up.

Interact Studio

When you come to Interact Studio, you will experience the unique and relaxed setting of the Grinnell Water Works Building, a restored factory on the historic manufacturing corridor of Charlotte, North Carolina. You'll also discover one of our core values, which is hospitality. We believe that comfort, thoughtfulness, good food and laughter facilitate learning.

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We’ve built a place that encourages people to speak not from who they think they should be, but from who they really are, with courage and daring. Our work has grown organically into leadership development. We can customize our coaching and courses to support your company, culture and team.