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We are business people and humanitarians. We love lion-hearts and leaders everywhere who are changing the world.

Voice for a Cause

Our signature course empowers non-profit leaders to develop their story, strengthen their voice and attract the support they need to make an impact. Plans are underway for Class 7 of Voice for a Cause.

Charlotte Is Creative

Charlotte Is Creative produces programs like CreativeMornings/CLT, designed to "break the Charlotte mold and re-make it with creativity." The Interact team hosts a Story Lab for the recipients of the HUG (Helpful Unfettered Gift) micro-grant program.

Interaction Heroes

We love crossing paths with an artist, entrepreneur or non-profit superstar who inspires our next Interaction Hero showcase. Creative Director Jess Baryla produces a video campaign to share their good work across social media channels.

The Humane Society of Charlotte

If you’ve been to Interact Studio, you’ve seen our honorary team board covered with photos of our pets, most of them adopted. Shelly Moore and the good folks at HSC have a mission we love: to build a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals.

Nonprofit Partners