authentic communication

In 2000, Lou Solomon launched a different kind of communications company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A self-described “recovering shy person,” Lou believed that no one should settle for being anything less than being their best, authentic self. Her experience with business communication courses left her wanting something more—something real. When she left broadcasting she designed the curriculum, Your Authentic Style, to support and inspire people to find their voice.

Our movement is now two decades in the making. We’ve built a place that encourages people to speak not from who they think they should be, but from who they really are, with courage and daring.

We are a team of passionate industry experts who have honed our ability to draw out the style, stories and insights that make you unique and engaging.

Our work has grown organically into leadership development. We partner with visionary leaders and their teams in our own backyard and across the country who are doing extraordinary work in the world. They are better with Interact on their team, and we are better for them.

Call and stop by for coffee. We’d like to hear your story.

What you can expect

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For years we’ve asked our clients to describe their learning experience with Interact.
Here are their words—ones that capture the most frequent comments:

“Empowerment in your personal and professional life”

Rejuvenation, increased confidence

So much more than a public speaking course

Accepting yourself with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses

The ability to look forward to high-stakes engagements

Immediate results

Increased trust among you and your teammates

Learning in a safe, judgment-free zone

Increased presence though action, storytelling and silence

The ability to coach your teammates

A course in confidence and authenticity

Practical and constructive observations – sound suggestions

Creative and open environment

The ability to speak from the heart, look into the audience and feel connected

Positive feedback from your team and your leaders

Encouragement to keep stretching after the course

A ‘secret’ to unlock the power of overall communications