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The Interact Team

Our life’s work is drawing out your style, stories, and insights. Our core message to you: Never settle. Go for greatness. We are connected to one another in this purpose. We also insist on having fun. We love each other. We love what we do.

Who We Are – Our Team 0007 Lou – (image)

Lou Solomon

Lou Solomon is the founder and leader of our heart-filled mission. She calls it her "magnificent obsession."

Who We Are – Our Team 0006 Patrick – (image)

Patrick Sheehan

Patrick Sheehan is our "rock." His superpower is setting up on-camera production for multiple classes, conferences and TED-like events.

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Julie Haldane

Julie Haldane is the embodiment of hospitality. She is also an empathic listener and fun-loving facilitator.

Who We Are – Our Team 0005 Michael – (image)

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is a videographer and sound specialist. He is also a connector with the World's Best Laugh.

Tina Tyler

Tina Tyler

Tina Tyler is our secret weapon. She is a force of can-do energy with a loving attention to detail.

Who We Are – Unknown – (image)

Porter Metzler

Porter Metzler is our social media manager and old soul parading as a young man.

Susie Adams

Susie Adams

Susie Adams is a strategic thinker who can prep you for 60 Minutes when you need it. She's also the #1 Clemson fan in the Universe.

Who We Are – Our Team 0001 Jess – (image)

Jess Baryla

Jess Baryla is a mega creative, in charge of our cool factor. Her ideas, stories and graphics dazzle us!

Who We Are – Our Team Headshots Amber01 – (image)

Amber Lineback

Amber Lineback is a master facilitator and comedian (equal parts). She can tell a yarn like no one we know.

Who We Are – Our Team Headshots Ben – (image)

Ben Wilhelm

Ben is as caring a coach you'll ever want to meet. His superpower is assessments.You can tell he loves what he does.