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The Upside Of Being An Introvert

by Lou Solomon, dated February 5, 2012

The cover story for February 6 issue of TIME Magazine is a great read.  The article, by Bryan Walsh, draws on research from a new book by Susan Cain called Quiet, suggests that as a society, we have a love affair with extroversion that may not be healthy and a bias against introversion that may not be wise.

“Wharton Business School psychologist Adam Grant has found that introverted leaders mesh best with empowered and independent employees, while traditionally extroverted executives work best with employees who take orders easily. “In a faster-paced service-and-knowledge economy, it’s much more difficult for leaders to anticipate all of the threats and opportunities that face their organizations,” says Grant. “This need for employee proactivity has created a distinct advantage for introverted leaders.” And that, in turn, may spell an advantage for their companies.” –Bryan Walsh


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