authentic communication

Gail Lawrence

SVP, Director Wells Fargo Analyst/Associate Programs

Here are the results we experience that help develop leaders in the Wells Wholesale University program: 1) Interact works on developing a person’s individual talents - which is particularly effective for people who feel they need to adjust their style to be successful – when in fact are more effective when they are their real selves; 2) the content of a presentation is deeper, more engaging – participants learn the art of drawing people in / connecting – by tying presentation to something personal the audience can relate to; 3) participants learn the power of being real “authentic” – builds trust and engagement; 4) teaches participants how to grab the listeners attention right away; 5) participants exhibit more confidence and comfort in addressing the group – evident after just one coaching session; 6) the coaching that is provided is done in a very constructive way, is thoughtful and pointed so that participants can easily make adjustments to impact their performance.