Take back your meetings with this Q&A fix

One of the areas where communication breaks down most often is during the Q&A portion at the end of your meetings. You’ll see someone wrap up their presentation or meeting by saying,

“Any questions?”

Before people have an opportunity to think about what they’d like to ask, you close out with,

“Well, that’s it, see you next week.”

So, what’s the best advice here?

Instead of putting the responsibility on your listeners to ask questions, take back responsibility to draw out their concerns and be the one asking the questions. When it’s time for Q&A, talk to individuals:

“Stan, what are your concerns? What am I missing?”

“Linda, how does this impact your timelines?”

Every great communicator knows that once you get people talking, you have a chance for buy-in. Otherwise, you’re doing all the talking and just assuming people are on board.

This week, take back responsibility of Q&A and treat it as one of the most important parts of your message, instead of just a throw away at the end.

Let us know how your next Q&A goes by using this technique!

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