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Persuasive Communication

It can seem that being persuasive is a natural gift, like charisma or good looks, but I assure you, just like everything else, it can be learned. After 20+ years helping people with persuasive messaging, I have boiled it down into a few simple models that anyone can use to hone their message.

Why Leaders Struggle to Give Employees Helpful Feedback

Here’s a puzzling paradox. Leaders are uncomfortable giving their employees feedback in the workplace. Yet people thrive with constructive feedback; positive or negative. At Interact Studio, we’ve watched top executives, emerging leaders, supervisors and front-line managers light up with coaching and feedback. They take notes with enthusiasm.  They double check for our meaning. They are hungry

As Easy As Riding a Bike? Maybe Not!

What have you been programmed to do in your life? What have you programmed yourself to do? We’ve all had the experience of driving to a familiar destination and not remembering the ride.  What about the way you greet people, check your cell phone, make a presentation or show up in relationships? The Grip of Programming

When does an audience stop listening to your presentation?

When does an Audience Stop Listening?

Think about the last time someone held the conference room, board room or ballroom in the palm of their hand and engaged listeners for the perfect amount of time—with a moment or two so real it was undeniable that something very different had just happened. How to determine the length of your presentation With so much to gain,