Right-On-Time Video Tips

When you leave the space at Interact Studio and go back into the world, all the distractions come back.  It’s challenging to put everything you learned into action. 

So we came up with a the Right-On-Time Reminders to help you stay on track.  These short video tips cover some of the main tenants of Authentic Speaking and Presenting—and since they’re no more than a minute long, they’re easy to use.  Jump in.  Watch one or as many as you would like and come back when you want to watch them again.

What’s Next?

We want you to continue what you started at Interact Studio; and we realize that’s no small thing in a world that is pulling you in every direction.  

If you’re wondering what’s next for you, consider enrolling in one of our public courses as an individual, or bringing your team to Interact Studio for one of our corporate programs.

If we can support you in any way, we’re just a phone call away at 704.374.0423, or email [email protected].