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Tina Tyler

Tina Tyler is a force of energy, heart, and the most loving attention to detail we’ve ever seen. When she calls to confirm your reservation at Interact Studio or arrange for your visit, you will feel cared for.

“My mother says I am like a bottle of champagne that was uncorked when I was born and I haven’t stopped bubbling yet.” We just couldn’t say it any better.

Growing up in Binghamton, New York, Tina worked alongside her Dad’s secretary in their family-owned business before and after school. She went away to college for court reporting but laughs that it ended quickly when they told her she would have to be silent while working.

Tina enjoys people too much to be silent at work–and so began her calling as a rock star administrative and technical assistant to top executives at New York State Electric & Gas in Binghamton, NY, and eventually Duke Energy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Lucky for us, Tina was not finished with her labor of love when she decided to retire to her second home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She takes care of the Interact team and our client friends between tennis matches and being with Jon, her husband of 29 years and high school sweetheart. And because of her bottomless energy, she is present around the clock for Interact business.

There are many reasons Tina is an amazing fit with the team, not the least of which is that she and Jon are dog lovers (practically a pre-requisite at Interact). They adopt senior German Shepherds. She says It is emotionally difficult because they only have these beautiful animals for 2-3 years, but it’s all about spoiling them and giving them a great life for the time they have left on this earth.

Tina Tyler

Tina sums up her approach with these three rules:

  1. Stay a step ahead
  2. Make life easier for others
  3. Help people shine.

If you haven’t worked with her yet, you are in for a treat.