Lou Solomon, Founder

Lou Solomon is an author, TEDx speaker and the founder of Interact. Her early struggles with shyness and self doubt have been a gift, since she developed the Your Authentic Style Learning Series to help people find their voice. If you’re like most, you will leave Interact Studio having had a breakthrough around your ability to connect with other human beings.

A member of the adjunct faculty at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte, Lou is the co-founder of the school’s annual TWIST Conference for Women. Her articles and insights have been published by Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and HBR. Her research, conducted in collaboration with Harris Interactive, sheds light on the communication practices that keep leaders from engaging the people who report to them.

As a TEDx speaker, Lou’s topic is “The Surprising Solution to the Impostor Syndrome.” In addition to the conventional tools, Lou believes that your own “Radical Hero” can help call out the self-limiting beliefs that isolate people with self-doubt or the Imposter Syndrome.

Lou invites you to sign up for her course, “Storylines That Connect,” a two-day experience that will enable you to know, own and tell your story. “If you want to be the communicator you were meant to be, owning your story is nonnegotiable,” she says.

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