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Lou Solomon

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The Official Line

Lou is an author, TEDx speaker and the founder of Interact. A member of the adjunct faculty at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte, she is also the co-founder of the school’s annual TWIST Conference for Women.

The Heart Line

Lou’s early struggles with shyness and self-doubt have been a gift, since her purpose in life is to help people find their voice. She and her husband “Sandy” live near Center City with the latest pack of adopted pups.


Lou’s first book, Say Something Real, takes a look at the drivers of both authentic and inauthentic communication. Her second book, Freeing Your Radical Hero was inspired by her TEDx Talk on the Impostor Syndrome.


In addition to TEDx, Lou’s speaking engagements have included those for Fortune 500 organizations such as Wells Fargo, Duke Energy and Bank of America. To hire Lou to speak at your event, please contact Tina Tyler.