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Jessica Baryla

Jess Baryla is our Creative Director in addition to being Senior Promotions Producer & Events Supervisor for WCCB Charlotte’s CW.

If that’s not enough, Jess is also part owner and Marketing Director for the dance-inspired fitness sensation, THE JAM: CLT.

So, it isn’t easy to call out her specialty. Jess knows television, brand marketing, graphic design, and social media management. She is also proficient in video production, event planning, podcasting, photography—and yes, super heroes!

Jess created the Interaction Heroes series showcasing the community heroes among us. You’ll find this feature, along with rich content and striking graphics throughout the Interact web site and all of our social media channels.

What’s driving that creativity? Jess has an intuition for all things current and cultural. She’s an avid reader, tv-binger and podcast-listener. Smiling, she says she should probably should spend less time on social media.

Jess will tell you that her motto is…”do what you like, like what you do, life is good.” She saw it on a shirt at Myrtle Beach as a child and it stuck with her.

Her friends will tell you that a day with Jess is one filled with energy, humor and dumplings. She is funniest when she makes fun of herself.

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