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Andy Ciordia

Behind all that we do at Interact is the influence of Andy Ciordia, for whom we’ve yet to find the right title. He is our marketing director, web developer, technology expert and multi-level designer and dreamer.

When you spend time with Andy, you recognize the difficulty in putting him under one hat. He is a Renaissance man–photographer, skydiver, entrepreneur, cook, husband and father. No wonder he has a deep understanding of what motivates people.

Andy’s background covers running creative departments through internal systems and security. In more recent years he’s owned his own photography company as well as a technology and business strategy consultancy. Not stopping anytime soon he also helps his family with a delectable business in chocolate making with The Secret Chocolatier.

Among his passions is cooking for his family. He says, “I can’t control a lot of what the world throws at my family but at least I can provide a dinner that nourishes the body and soul.”

This explains how Andy ended up on the board of the areas Slow Food communities for a decade. “You can’t get any more grass roots than supporting your farmers and food artisans,” Andy remarks.

Andy Ciordia

Ask him about his escape and Andy will smile broadly and tell you about skydiving. He gains a unique perspective on the world through freefalling through blue skies. “It’s my psychologist; a therapist where I execute in an extreme environment, at crazy speeds and let my worries try to catch me.” Work hard, play hard, Andy takes life in stride.

We are so happy he shares his talents, perspectives, and questions to help us achieve more with technology, design, marketing and our team.