authentic communication

Interact Pitch Bootcamp


You will lose people by bragging about your company. People are not interested in an organization unless it’s their own. You will also lose us by failing to stand tall and allowing us to see your faith in the project. But your passion, ideas, stories and the problems you solve–they fascinate us.

As a participant in Interact’s Pitch Bootcamp, you will learn the formula for sharing all of these in a clear and concise way. You will find new confidence in commanding your message.

In addition to offering a 3.5-hour, open-enrollment workshop, Interact also hosts a bi-annual Startup Pitch Bootcamp for FinTech, sponsored by Packard Place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Helping passionate risk-takers craft a 3-minute pitch that communicates their idea is an experience in pure passion.

Our team course, Packaging the Pitch, addresses all communication aspects of the pitch but the actual numbers. Interact has delivered a customized version of this course to 250 top executives in financial services for one of the Fortune 50 institutions.