Most of the pitches parading through your client’s boardroom are painfully forgettable. Many are unimaginative template-style documents that pass for pitch books. And given that customers now know more about what you and others offer, what value are you adding to growing revenues by focusing on your products? It’s no wonder that 80% of executive buyers believe that sellers primarily have their own interests in mind or that only 20% take a second meeting.

Never before has it been more important to for sales and marketing professionals to up their game and transform their pitches and presentations into holistic, customer-problem-focused, elegant conversations. Interact designed the course, Packaging the Pitch, to address all aspects of the pitch but the deal itself for 250 executives at Wells Fargo Capital Finance.

Interact Studio hosts an annual Startup Pitch Bootcamp for the entrepreneurs at Queen City Forward and Packard Place. Helping passionate risk-takers craft a 3-minute pitch that communicates their idea is one of our favorite ways to spend the day.