Get Ready for Fall, Do Something Uncommon

If you’re like most of the folks we work with, fall brings a burst of energy to your schedule before year-end, making the summer a great time to do something for yourself.

Learning boosts confidence. Learning can be transformational.

You might be a consultant inside your organization, or a visionary leader trying to elevate your cause. It doesn’t matter.

Intentional practice with strength-based coaching is the way to experience a positive shift in perception and change the way you think about your own influence.

If you are an entrepreneur, student, teacher, artist, advocate or human being seeking a life of meaning and influence, our courses have been shaped with you in mind.

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ is the acclaimed, on-camera learning experience at Interact Studio that puts people on the path to being the great communicators they were meant to be. We don’t teach the out-dated rules of public speaking. Participants give standing presentations in order to mature their ideas and their stories, and to learn how to make a connection with the hearts and minds of people.

Learning Boosts Confidence. Learning Can Be Transformational.

Join Us For Your Authentic Speaking Style

Watch our course video and register here for a learning experience at Interact Studio.

There is always more of you left to grow. Drop Julie Haldane at note at [email protected] and let her know when you can chat. She can’t wait to hear from you!

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Lou Solomon

Lou Solomon is the founder of Interact. She is a TEDx speaker and a member of the adjunct faculty at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte. Her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review,,, and Fast Company.