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Spice up your next Presentation with Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs are a resource for finding an interesting way to open your next presentation.  They offer wonderful metaphors—and they are loaded with imagery, humor, wisdom and inspiration. Try working some of these into your next presentation.

  • When the wind rises, some people build walls. Others build windmills.
  • After three days without reading, talk becomes flavorless.
  • An ant may well destroy a whole dam.
  • Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one.
  • Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.
  • Crows everywhere are equally black.
  • A dish of carrot hastily cooked may still have soil on the vegetable.
  • Distant water won’t quench your immediate thirst.
  • Do not want others to know what you have done? Better not have done it.



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