authentic communication

Your Authentic Speaking Style™

This is the famous core learning experience of Interact, providing immersion into authentic communication and presence as two of the central forces of leadership.

Class Format

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ (YASS) is available as an open-enrollment course and has a standard schedule: 2:00-5:00pm on Day One and 8:00am-4:30pm on Day Two.

YASS is also offered as a customized learning experience to teams. The course is typically offered over two days and runs 8-10 hours depending on the size of the group.


  • Pre-course Personal Strengths Survey
  • Your Authentic Speaking Style™ Workbook
  • Several videotaped presentations to professional peers followed by real time coaching
  • Private video playback during course
  • Videos on personal flash drive as tune-up tool
  • Personal Coaching Summary as action plan
  • Copies of Lou Solomon’s book, Say Something Real


This transformational learning experience provides an understanding of natural authority; overcoming negative thoughts; silence as command and counteraction to non-words; significance of the one-on-one conversation; moving with purpose to own your space; managing attention and engagement; awareness of leadership as a conversation; building greater buy-in and trust from constituents; empowering others through committed listening and coaching.

Class Sample : Tool #2 The Story Moment

Story Moments are not long narratives. They range from the colorful use of metaphor to brief life lessons—and they take your audience from passive listening to engagement.

Many of us are relying on information as communication. Information is critical but it appeals only to the analytic side of the brain. For a whole mind engagement, build a library of story moments that develop understanding beyond the facts—and double your effectiveness.

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ – Face – (image)