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Lou Solomon
Lou Solomon
It takes a bit of daring to sign up for a learning experience and open yourself to possibility, but the return can be life-changing.

Whether you take a course in speaking style development, crafting a memorable presentation, media training or leadership development, we can help you increase your personal impact.

The cohesive thread running through all of our courses is leveraging your strengths and releasing you into your authentic style of communication. This is the source of your greatest influence.

  • Your Authentic Speaking Style™

    There is a presentation renaissance underway among thought leaders and within their companies. In the age of TED Talks, people recognize that the spoken word, extraordinary ideas, and meaningful stories can be game-changers.

    After all, how important is it that you capture the hearts and minds of your teammates, clients, industry and community?

    Your Authentic Speaking Style™ (YASS) is the acclaimed,1.5-day on-camera learning experience at Interact Studio, offered as a monthly open-enrollment course and customized for teams for cultural relevance. As a participant, you will give several recorded video presentations with real-time feedback to reach a new level of comfort, command and influence.

    In addition to increasing personal impact, clients tell us that YASS provides a transformational team experience, and members come away with a deeper level of trust that resets high-performance. You will gain:

    • Awareness of your strengths and authentic style of communication
    • An understanding of connection, trust and natural influence.
    • An understanding of the language of story
    • A formula for giving and receiving feedback
    • Experience with the level of listening that influences others
    • Insights into crafting a message for listener engagement
    • Greater trust among teammates

    Details: Tuition, $1200 per person. Hours on Day One, 2:00pm to 5:00pm; on Day Two, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Development packages includes private coaching. Quotes for teams and organizations are customized.


    January 31st - February 1st, 2019

    February 28th - March 1st, 2019

    April 4th - April 5th, 2019

    June 13th - June 14th, 2019

  • INTERACT Pitch Bootcamp

    You will lose people by bragging about your company. People are not interested in an organization unless it’s their own. You will also lose us by failing to stand tall and allowing us to see your commitment. But your passion, ideas, stories and the problems you solve–they will fascinate us.

    In our 3.5-hour Pitch Bootcamp, you will learn the formula for sharing all of these in a clear and concise way. You will find new confidence in commanding a 3-minute pitch that communicates your solution.

    Our customized team course, Packaging the Pitch, addresses all communication aspects of the pitch but the actual numbers. Interact has delivered this course to 250 top executives in financial services for one of the Fortune 100 institutions.

    Details. Tuition, $350 per person. Hours are 8:30am to 12:00pm. If you are a student, artist, founder of a start-up or non-profit leader there is a partial scholarship program available.

    April 23rd, 2019

  • INTERACT 2.0

    INTERACT 2.0 is a hands-on workshop for creating memorable presentations through concise messaging, clean organization, visuals, story elements and a skilled facilitation of Q&A.

    We will encourage you to bring a sample presentation and specific questions about maximizing its impact. You will also work with the Interact Content Planner for a new approach to planning and preparation.

    You gain:

    • Practical formula for building memorable presentations
    • An understanding of how to use story-bites for engagement
    • The Interact Content Planner to guide you through each step in the process
    • Increased confidence in crafting a concise message
    • An understanding of how visuals develop comprehension

    Details:  $350 per person. Hours are 8:30am-2:00pm. Quotes for teams and organizations are customized.

    April 12th, 2019

  • Crisis Communications 101

    In 2019, all bets are off and the old rules don’t apply. Crisis management in the new media era is defined not only by your message, but by the authenticity and speed with which you deliver it. A misstep in the moments following a crisis can quickly become the worst headline.

    Veteran media executive Susie Adams has navigated crisis communications for decades. Her Crisis Communications 101 workshop addresses management in the immediate aftermath, developing communications plans, the strategy of response, and the basic tool box for use in an emergency.

    In this 3.5-hour workshop, Crisis Communications 101 provides clear, actionable takeaways with a video “tour” that ranges from local missteps to international events such as the recent Starbucks ordeal.

    Details:  Tuition, $350 per person. Hours are 8:30am to 12:00pm. Quotes for teams and organizations are customized.

    March 14th, 2019

  • Story Seminar

    What is energizing, authentic, collaborative, entertaining, memorable and moving? Story. The language human beings most understand.

    Our 3.5-hour STORY Seminar is an exploration into story structure, storybites, story forms and the storylines that connect us all. Participants practice spontaneous storytelling as a glimpse into shaping their own story—and how to use STORY in business with metaphors, mini-stories, quotes and analogies.

    STORY can cause a leap in understanding because it by-passes our analytical resistance. STORY helps us make sense of life.

    Details. Tuition, $350 per person. Hours are 8:30am to 12:00pm. Development package includes private coaching. Quotes for teams and organizations are customized.

  • Private Studio Sessions

    Our private studio sessions are designed to give you an individualized understanding of your strengths and the stretch areas—all within the safe environment of Interact Studio. Most sessions involve script review, the development of story, on-camera practice, and video viewing.

    Speaker Development

    Are you facing a moment in the spotlight? Maybe it’s your first time speaking to a big crowd, or you’re making an important presentation to your board. Could be you’re working on your personal development as you advance in your career. Whatever your goals around delivery, presence, messaging or even slide simplification, we will embrace them as our own and help you succeed.

    Executive Media Sessions

    Many people are anxious about media interviews. But when you practice with expert coaching, you’ll be ready. We will help you define short and sturdy key messages, and bridge back to those messages to stay on track. These sessions are designed to help you be authentic in high-stakes moments, with the confidence of knowing how to answer any question that comes your way.

    Leadership Communication

    Commanding tough conversations, motivating teams, inspiring confidence, creating alignment – all are crucial in the role of a leader.  Whether you manage people or lead work, we can help you translate your vision into a compelling message for your team.

    Details: All quotes are customized according to the number and nature of sessions.

  • CliftonStrengths®

    Strengths Theory focuses on individual talents, abilities and potential instead of correcting “weaknesses” with techniques.

    This fall, Interact will begin offering the CliftonStrengths® program, developed by our friends at the Gallup organization, pioneers in employee engagement and personal development. The philosophy is also a match for the Interact approach.

    Gallup studies have shown that folks with a deficit mindset work hard to overcome flaws, but achieve only incremental growth. However, people with a strength mindset focus on their positive qualities, leverage them for greater personal impact and enjoy quantum growth.

    Leadership programs for teams and individuals will be available in combination with one of our courses, or as a stand-alone learning experience. Contact us today for more information on CliftonStrengths®.