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Private Studio Sessions

Our private coaching is designed to give you an understanding of your strengths and the stretch areas that can increase your impact. Studio sessions revolve around on-camera work and video review of executive presence, style, body language and command.

Media Training

Many people are anxious about media interviews. However, when you practice with an expert coach, you’ll be ready for one of the most powerful forms of marketing for your business and brand. We will help you define short and sturdy key messages, and bridge back to those messages to stay on track. Our executive media training sessions are tailored to cover the specific issues and situations that each person is likely to encounter.

Speaker Development

If you’re facing a moment in the spotlight or a situation critical to your success, we can help—giving you the expertise, the coaching, and the support you need. Maybe it’s your first appearance in your new position, or you’re proposing a dramatic new initiative to your board. You might be working on your personal development as you advance in your career. Either way, we will embrace your goals and help you succeed.

The Team

Interact owner and TEDx speaker Lou Solomon, along with broadcast veteran and senior coach Patrick Sheehan have been working together as a team for a decade. Patrick has a portfolio that includes the Carolina Panthers and ESPN. Lou’s articles have been published by Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and Lou and Patrick are ready to go to work for you.

Our Partners

Our partners are extraordinary Fortune 500 businesses that are leading the way to help solve the world’s problems. They are in our backyard, scattered from coast to coast and across the globe. They are American, French and German but they have one thing in common. They recognize the value of the human communication to drive results. They’re all stronger with Interact on their team and they make us stronger.

How It Works

We will conduct a discovery interview to learn about your goals, which will become the backdrop for our work together. Afterward we will recommend the package that is right for you. All quotes are customized.

Customized options include:

  • Media Training

    We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” formula. The traditional media training approach over-relies on the formula of hammering key messages, which is not helpful when there are so many different media scenarios today. We will partner with you and your team to understand the unique challenges you face. Then we will customize the sessions according to your individual situation.
  • On-Site Practice Sessions

    We will help you practice in a simulated environment so you can learn the nuances of a particular media setting. All Interact media proposals are customized and shaped by location, technical requirements, and travel. We can simulate any form of media interview and tailor our materials accordingly.
  • Script Writing

    We can partner with you to create an influential message. It’s an easy trap to imagine that as a business presenter, your job is to be brilliant and prove it with data. But the message that strikes us most deeply will never be about your IQ. It will be about the conversation, humanization, meaning, and value you brought into our world. No one remembers the status quo. People remember and respond to that which is different and meaningful. They are persuaded by your command of knowledge, stories, and passion.
  • Slide Simplification

    Many of us hamstring ourselves by thinking we have to use a lackluster slidedeck to show we really know what we're talking about. Why? Because that’s “how it’s always been done.” That line of reasoning is the death knell for an interesting presentation. We will review your slides and make recommendations on how to simplify and enhance the impact of your visuals. If you want to stand out, don't settle for “how it’s always been done.”
  • Story Development

    Storytelling is not difficult. You’ll be pleased to know you are sitting on a treasure trove of story material that will give your message meaning and depth. We will help you harvest that material into moments of engagement that will energize your talk and make it more memorable.

Interact Studio

We can come to you, or you can come to us. If possible, we suggest hosting sessions in the safe environment of the Interact Studio near downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Let’s Begin

If would like to explore booking a private session at Interact Studio, send us your contact information along with your inspiration for reaching out. Leave us your phone number if you prefer a call back over email. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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