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The Influence Factor™



    The Influence Factor™

  • The Influence Factor at Interact

Our curriculum is for anyone interested in building influence—recognizing that they will do it not only through superior skills and competence, which are vital, but through the ability to connect with the hearts and minds of individuals. We’ve helped scores of people develop their own personal authentic voice, and enabled them to develop I.F. – The Influence Factor™.

Your Authentic Style™ (YAS)

Your engagement begins with Your Authentic Style™ (YAS), a 2-day, on-camera learning experience that immerses you in the tenants of authenticity and influence, and sets you on an action plan to develop I.F. – The Influence Factor™”.

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YAS revolves around standing, spontaneous, unscripted speaking and improv. We put people on their feet for several videotaped conversation-presentations, each followed by intense feedback from the faculty and group.

You will learn the exclusive Interact formula, including The Noticing Effect, Interact 4 Parts Presence Model™, Three Stories Every Leader Should Know, the Interact Story Continuum™, Strength-Based Coaching and the Essential Knowing Timeline™.

At Interact Studio, people experience meaningful development to show up fully in their communication to drive results. They find their voice and leave with an action plan to continue their development.

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