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Interact helps people communicate an engaging message in an authentic way to capture the hearts and minds of their employees, colleagues, and clients. Our approach is one of interactive learning with high-impact activities that stretch people in such a positive way that they never snap back.

Your Authentic Speaking Style™

Your Authentic Speaking Style™ is the acclaimed, on-camera learning experience at Interact Studio that puts people on the path to being the great communicators they were meant to be. We have delivered customized editions of this course to hundreds of teams within Fortune 500 companies in our own backyard and ones headquartered from coast to coast.

Participants learn:

  • How to influence others through deep listening and Authentic Speaking
  • How to embrace and leverage adrenaline
  • How to craft engaging messages and connect with the hearts and minds of others
  • The power of storytelling and its application in business
  • Presence, physical confidence, intentional movement
We design solutions for the individual executive, team, division or company to provide the competitive differentiation of compelling communication. Since no two companies have the same DNA, we are in the customization business.  When you hire us, we approach your program from all sides to make the experience powerfully relevant.
Interact Authentic Speaking

The best part was watching everyone grow and develop so quickly as it related to the individual style, room presence and overall delivery of a story. Impact was immediate and the coaching was open and honest.

Brad Grice
Corporate Director (On Premise), Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Storylines That Connect™

Storylines That Connect™ is an on-camera experience for intact teams involved at any level of telling a company, service or product story. The course is an emersion into the power of stories to engage and build trust.  Ultimately participants walk away with a new road map to connect with their customers, both internal and external.  Creative exercises include the superpower card game and pre-survey of team core values.

Participants will learn:

  • New insights and inspiration around the language of story
  • How to break down the story of a brand, product or service
  • Renewal of team story and relevance to the company
  • The power of vulnerability to deepen trust
  • To tell the individual story that connects them to the team and company

It’s a wonderful way to come together, bond and become great storytellers about your brands.

Communicating Authentically Across Generations

We live in an era when there may be as many as 4 generations in the workforce at the same time. Learning what makes each generation “tick” can be a significant advantage as organizations face the challenges of the quickly retiring Baby Boomer population and a rapidly emerging group of Millennials.

This half-day, highly interactive course prepares individuals to communicate effectively across generations. By understanding the different values, styles, and leadership expectations, participants will leave with tools to better connect, manage conflict, and leverage the strengths of generational diversity.

Participants will learn:

  • The 4 generations, their core values, and why
  • Strategies for effectively communicating with and leading different generations
  • The “platinum rule” to better flex to each generation’s needs on an individual and a personal level
  • Techniques for leveraging the strengths of diversity
Interact Talking Classmates

Amber had us engaged in thoughtful, meaningful conversation about how to overcome communication barriers that can exist within diverse environments. It was particularly invigorating to see our team so energized.

Brian Sanders
Director of Construction Operations, Habitat for Humanity

Authentic Team Conversations

In this one-day workshop, the focus is on leadership team interaction and becoming more powerful communicators with one another. Exercises explore the give and take of successful interaction. Teammates chart their Social Styles & Versatility profiles as a group to consider preferred styles and practices that will improve connections.

Dialogue is robust enough to transform the team into a more collaborative approach to organizational performance. Designed for up to 25 participants who work together on the same team, ideally as leaders.

Participants will learn:
  • Key techniques for working more effectively in the moment
  • Using presence to build trust
  • How to provide feedback to enhance performance and build relationships
  • How to better align goals and contribute to the team’s success
  • Key elements of individual effectiveness that can drive organizational success
Interact Storylines

Package the Pitch™

By itself, a presentation with data and product benefits is not persuasive.  An engaging communicator who (uses the whole brain approach) makes a human connection with a concise message that includes story is persuasive.

Interact has delivered Package the Pitch™ to hundreds of senior sales people across the country.  So many products and services are in parody today that it’s the people, the story and the package that provides the competitive edge.

This course is fast-paced and conducted on-camera.  Participants give videotaped presentations on the idea behind their brand and the value it brings,each followed by feedback from the faculty and group.

Participants take the Social Styles & Versatility survey to build awareness around their own preferred style of communicating and recognize different styles in their clients.

Participants will learn:
  • How to recognize Social Styles different from your own
  • The value of Versatility with your approach
  • How to move from a data dump to authentic dialogue
  • How to use story elements in business presentation
  • How to bring a personal connection to a sales presentation
Interact Storylines Course

I can’t tell you sufficiently how much I enjoyed your class. It was an incredible experience. You know it will change you when you are thinking about it afterwards and I have been thinking about it constantly. How do I turn it off?

Phil Goessler
Wells Fargo

Authentic Leadership Facilitation

All leaders should have the tools to facilitate team discussions and meetings that result in buy-in. At the core of this skill is the art of leading with questions versus providing all the answers. Once participants are asked to share what they think they can access change through their own perceptions and beliefs. Customized workshops led by senior course leaders can target in-house facilitators or leaders who need to spark conversations that matter.

Participants will learn:
  • How to ask powerful questions that drive insights and alignment
  • Techniques for ensuring that learning will stick and translate into behavior change
  • How to handle the tough questions in front of the room
  • How leveraging both openness and confidence at the same time increases credibility
  • How to overcome the fear of engaging others and welcome their discussion

They arrived back…with smiles on their faces. They were impressed with your adaptability to their teammate said she understood how to speak a new language.

Mary Joy
Human Resources, Duke Energy

Further Development and Reinforcement

  • For every course, a development package is available for individuals.  The package includes 2-3 private 90-minute coaching sessions to follow the course.  Attendance to one of our open enrollment courses is also an opportunity for continued growth.
  • For teams, Interact offers a reinforcement seminar via the client’s telepresence room, a 30-minute quarterly Coach Call with Lou Solomon, or an on-site one-hour Lunch and Learn.
  • All Interact graduates are added to our alumni network of authentic communicators who receive reinforcement tips every month.

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Customized Programs

We are anti-off-the-shelf because we know that no two companies have the same DNA.

There are six modules in the Interact curriculum that can be used in any combination with varying degrees. When you hire us, we approach your program from all sides, considering your goals, your culture and vision. We’ve come up with a design process that allows you to get exactly what you want—a powerful and relevant solution.

Click Here for more information about our customization process and to see how we create a program that will fit your exact needs.

Interact Studio Experience

You will find the innovative space at Interact Studio open, warm and welcoming. We believe that learning is made easier by the comfort of laughter, good food* and frequent breaks. We insist that you enjoy yourself during your stay with us.

If you are bringing your team to North Carolina, Interact Studio is convenient to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. We are also minutes from downtown Charlotte, which is teeming with hotels, great local restaurants and popular nightspots.

*Ask us about our popular Southern Style Event Theme complete with Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken and Barbeque menus.

Corporate Clients

Our partners are extraordinary Fortune 500 businesses and non-profit organizations that are leading the way to help solve the world’s problems. Our success is tied directly to our relationships with them. They are in our backyard, scattered from coast to coast and across the globe. They are American, French and German but they have one thing in common. They recognize the value of the human communication to drive results. They’re all stronger with Interact on their team and they make us stronger. For more information on how we can help your company contact us. See a list of our corporate clients, click here.

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