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Interact Design Wheel

We are anti-off-the-shelf because we know that no two companies have the same DNA.

There are six modules in the Interact curriculum that can be used in any combination with varying degrees. When you hire us, we approach your program from all sides, considering your goals, your culture, and vision. We’ve come up with a design process that allows you to get exactly what you want—a powerful and relevant solution.

“The entire experience was extraordinary in terms of your customized approach—and the strengthening of trust among members of the leadership team. Our mission is to “Be the Best” and with your help we have clearly moved a step closer.” Brian Brandewie, VP, UTC Aerospace Systems

Messages that Stick

Information is not communication. Communication requires elements that make messages engaging, meaningful and memorable. Once we establish your core message, Interact helps you “make it stick” through stories, metaphors, flow, simplification, and structure of the Interact Communications Bridge.

This module is included in a course for senior sales people conducting high-stakes deals called Packaging the Pitch. We have also adapted this module for Start-Up Pitch Bootcamp, an event that helps entrepreneurs from Queen City Forward and Packard Place craft their pitch.

Leadership Conversations

Leadership Conversations are intentional conversations that result in open communication. They sometimes require healthy debate and they always require candor and committed listening.

One learning solution is to equip leaders with an understanding of the 4 Communication Styles and allow them to practice engaging people with styles different from their own. Interact has designed sessions like this for blue ribbon companies in the financial services, advertising and automotive industries.

We also have discovered that many managers don’t know how to address behavior and performance with confidence. Interact can teach them the steps of courageous conversations: setting the intention, speaking the truth in a non-threatening way, and inviting change. Most notably, Interact has designed a program for a Fortune 500 company undergoing rapid change in a high-profile industry.

Authentic Facilitation

All leaders should have the tools to facilitate team discussions and meetings that result in buy-in. At the core of this competency is the art of leading with questions versus providing all the answers. Once participants are asked to share what they think they can access change through their own perceptions and beliefs. The Art of Asking Questions for Change is an element included in many of our leadership learning solutions.

Interact has designed a Meeting Shift curriculum for a sports marketing firm and a major soft drink bottling company. We have also designed initiatives for teams charged with explaining new initiatives that are emotionally charged. Voice for Change, for example, provided tools to a team rolling out a new benefits package so members could keep conversations productive with confidence.

Strength-Based Coaching

Strength-Based Coaching is at the core of the Interact approach. People who focus on their so-called weaknesses will grow incrementally. However, people who focus on their strengths will advance exponentially. Strength-based coaching identifies strengths and growth opportunities in such a way that individuals become self-motivated toward higher-performance.

Leaders and teammates who leverage the power of coaching one another employ a secret weapon for action and change. Interact teaches the strength-based coaching competency in many of its learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Authentic Communication and Presentation

Authentic Speaking and Presenting

Your Authentic Speaking Style (YASS) is the popular on-camera learning experience upon which Interact was founded. We noticed that something was missing in the way presentation skills were being taught—which was authenticity.

YASS helps the learner transcend the mediocre practice of doing forgettable data dumps and build influence with command, genuine presence, real-speak, and authentic messaging. The course provides an understanding of natural authority; overcoming negative thought; silence as command and counteraction to non-words; significance of the one-on-one conversation; moving with purpose to own your space; managing attention and engagement; building greater buy-in and trust from constituents; and empowering others through committed listening and coaching.

We have customized this course for companies such as Wells Fargo, Carolinas Health Care, Duke Energy, Bank of America, Entergy, Piedmont Natural Gas and many more.

Commanding Keynote

CEOs, top executives, authors and business owners schedule sessions at Interact Studio to hone their presence, delivery, style, and message. Our goal is to provide them with insurance for exceptional results. Other objectives may include a short list of go-to stories that will help them connect with employees, customers, and stakeholders. We help leaders craft stories to support the three messages every leader should know: Who I Am, Who We Are, and Where We Are Going.

Interact has helped top executives from Wells Fargo, Duke Energy, UTC Aerospace Systems, Balfour Beatty, Carolinas Health Care, Pernod Ricard and others prepare for road shows and high-stakes speeches. We have also worked with entrepreneurs and authors practice for TEDx presentations and startup capital investment pitches.


We are not a hit-and-run operation. Our job includes the assurance that the learning we provide has ground to live on. Our post-course strategy involves extended availability of our coaches, email tips, and follow-up value.

Social Styles: Connecting with Others

Interact is a certified distributor of the SOCIAL STYLE suite of profile surveys from TRACOM, The Social Intelligence Company.

Your Social Style is not your personality type, it is the collection of observable behaviors that relate to your preferred way of communicating with and receiving communication from others.

We use the Social Styles Model to help you reduce tension, respect differences and build stronger teams. The model can also help you identify the Social Styles of clients, both internal and external.

The Social Styles Survey includes an index that indicates your willingness to be flexible in order to connect effectively with others–to meet people where they are, knowing that no Social Style is “right” or “wrong.”

Ask us about Social Styles and how this instrument can enhance and supplement your learning experience with Interact.

Note: Social Style Theory is based on work originated by David Merrill, who used two scales, assertiveness and responsiveness to create a model that has four quadrants that identify four social styles. Social Style Model is a trademark of the TRACOM Corporation.


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