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Celebrate Your New Beginning

My friend Geoff sent me a hilarious Jib Jab card last week. He used my head shot along with his and ones of three other friends in a cartoon video making fun of New Year’s Resolutions. The video had us all dancing about, making every resolution imaginable, only to give them all up at the end. It brought me a joyful belly laugh.

But the dancing card got me thinking about how we relate to the New Year these days. I began noticing that much of we hear about the New Year makes fun of failed resolutions. We should be celebrating new beginnings. Not with dancing cards, but with gratitude for the blessings of 2016, and a personal clearing for greatness in 2017.

Every great story has a beginning. Every great relationship, collaboration and love affair. Every great school year, job and home. Every great start-up, risk, and accomplishment. Every great year has a beginning.

Are you ready for your new beginning?

No matter how comfortable you are with everything else in your life, you can stretch your perception, bring yourself forward and become more of who you really are. This is how you will elevate your impact in life.

At Interact, we believe we’re here to make human connections, and to the extent to which we make authentic connections, we are trusted, influential, persuasive and powerful.

Bringing what is inside to the outside, your stories, insights and your take on life, is how you create organic change. Stretching, sharing what your life has taught you and drawing others forward make us a catalyst for greatness.

Make Authentic Human Connections

Our ultimate, noble mission is to become ourselves and make authentic human connections. There are no quick diet tricks involved. No fast lane. The mission requires of us the strength that comes from vulnerability, openness, and the self-awareness to turn our thoughts and attention from ourselves to others.

If you’d like a partner in that mission, we’re ready for you. We will help you get a clear view of how you occur for others when you communicate, decide what does and doesn’t serve you, and take hold of the changes you want to make to bring yourself forward into a great beginning.

We’re just a phone call away at 704.374.0423. You can also email me at Let’s get started.

Lou Solomon

Lou Solomon is the founder of Interact. She is a TEDx speaker and a member of the adjunct faculty at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte. Her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review,,, and Fast Company.