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Handling a heckler can be as scary as facing an angry dog

Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

“Just how I wanted to spend the day,” Sheila said, throwing her computer bag on the table, “in a public speaking class!“ “Good news,” I said. “You’re not here to practice public speaking. You’re here to practice making a connection with people.” Hecklers in the conference room Sheila was part of a product development team within a

A quote by Nelson Mandella can set the tone for a great keynote

Use Quotes and Anecdotes in Your Keynote

At Interact, we coach a lot of clients through the process of developing and delivering keynote addresses. We use the term “storybite” to refer to language that pings the imagination and engages your audience beyond mere facts. Relevant quotes and anecdotes offer storybites that can warm up your communication when they are well placed and

Use Your Founder’s Story in a Keynote

When giving a keynote to or about your company, consider using your founder’s story. Brands and companies are stories that begin with the founder—or a group of founders—and an idea. This is why it makes sense to celebrate the contribution of outstanding employees, to officially launch a new product or service, or to commemorate a

Brilliance in business doesn't translate to brilliance at the podium

Wishing for a Do-Over at the Speaker Podium

It’s also an easy trap for event planners to assume successful people are good speakers but there is absolutely no connection. I learned this in a painful way when I invited a brilliant entrepreneur to speak at Interact Studio to an audience of 25. “Jim” had built a great business and reinvented his brand successfully. He had been