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7 Ways to Warm Up Your Vocal Presence

Where can you always hear natural vocal expression? From kids. Before the properness of adulthood, children are free to dance, sing, shriek and giggle. Their voices aren’t supposed to sound any particular way, they are simply wonderful instruments to be discovered. What happens? After being socialized, schooled, paid and promoted, we develop serious business voices

When you're in sales, you must connect with the audience you're pitching . Make it a meaningful experience

Can You be Authentic in a Sales Pitch?

We help clients craft a meaningful presentation—everything from a global sales presentation to an industry keynote—by emphasizing the need to connect with the audience and bring value to everyone who attends. Can this be done with a sales pitch? You bet. We often find that sales and business development professionals are on the cutting edge of this kind

When does an audience stop listening to your presentation?

When does an Audience Stop Listening?

Think about the last time someone held the conference room, board room or ballroom in the palm of their hand and engaged listeners for the perfect amount of time—with a moment or two so real it was undeniable that something very different had just happened. How to determine the length of your presentation With so much to gain,

Stop Before You Start a Meeting

 When you step up to the front of a room, you have an opportunity to stop. Too often when we take the front of the room, we launch right into talking without really seeing who’s in the room—without connecting. We talk non-stop through the entire presentation. Yet it is the fearless, intentional pause that captures the

Brain Freeze

Did you know that clients who are overwhelmed with information will delay or hesitate to make decisions? How much information are you packing into your presentation?

Spice up your next Presentation with Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs are a resource for finding an interesting way to open your next presentation.  They offer wonderful metaphors—and they are loaded with imagery, humor, wisdom and inspiration. Try working some of these into your next presentation. When the wind rises, some people build walls. Others build windmills. After three days without reading, talk becomes flavorless.