Seven Tips for Increasing Engagement During Q & A

The most over-looked portion of a meeting or presentation is our old friend the “Q & A.”  Today, meet “Gloria” and “Charles” who handled high-stakes presentations entirely differently from each other. Note the level of engagement and commitment they each garnered from the same audience. Presenters who want the audience to “keep up” “Any questions? Okay, that’s it. Enjoy the rest […] Read more

Can You be Authentic in a Sales Pitch?

We help clients craft a meaningful presentation—everything from a global sales presentation to an industry keynote—by emphasizing the need to connect with the audience and bring value to everyone who attends. Can this be done with a sales pitch? You bet. We often find that sales and business development professionals are on the cutting edge of this kind […] Read more

How to use Data in Your Presentation

Analytical-leaning professionals like engineers and finance specialists understand complexities. Their professional lives rely on the use of data.  They want to speak from data and about process because they want to help others unwind the complexities that they understand.   The problem with this approach is that the spoken word does not travel well on large hunks of process […] Read more