Plan a Meeting Makeover

Communications are too important (and expensive) to waste on bad meetings and conference calls. Meetings that drain the life out of your people cost time,  money and energy. The fabric of your organization’s communication culture is found in your everyday meetings and conference calls. Spend the time to plan a meeting makeover that might include Read more

Teleconference Survival Kit

There is a costly drain on the energy and resources of businesses that run bad, boring conference calls.  They don’t have to be that way.  There are some practical things you can do with your next call to improve engagement. Check out our Interact Teleconference Survival Kit.  Feel free to download and share.         Read more

Lead a Meeting Revolution

Today over 70% of business professionals feel the meetings they attend are a waste of time. Thoughtless meetings drain your organization of time, money and productivity. Here’s what to fix that with a “meeting revolution.” Start with a casual and anonymous survey Change begins with measurement. Send out a casual survey for anonymous input on your Read more