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The Power of the Pause

Just a couple of seconds to pause helps you take command of your communications. Talking non-stop creates stress for listeners. The pause helps us think about what you just said and to really take it in. The pause projects confidence and takes all those crazy non-words out of our messages. Take back your power by

5 Essentials for Presence and Charisma

Natural presence and charisma are not reserved for the lucky few with a special gene.  They are the result of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the discipline of practice. Build your physical confidence.  Presence cannot happen amid restless shifting, fidgeting and pacing.  Presence requires a degree of intentionality and owning your space.  If you haven’t developed the habit of standing tall and

Going through a Corporate Layoff ? 5 Tips for Managing Emotions

Layoff initiatives bring out the worse in almost everyone. Here’s a story of  one of my clients, “John,”  a leader whose style is to inspire and pump up the employees with octane attitude. When John had to make the difficult decision to layoff several employees, he was met with fearful resentment. Even the employees who were staying blamed

WANTED: Your Attention

One definition of “respect” is an act of giving particular attention. Are you checking your texts during conversations? Taking calls and other interruptions? Your attention is the one thing your friends and family can’t get anywhere else.

Trust: A Performance Multiplier

Research has given us overwhelming evidence that when trust is high within a team and organization, the dividend is a performance multiplier. Trust is a catalyst through which employees offer ideas, use each other as resources, and learn together. Without trust people assume self-protective, defensive postures that inhibit learning and performance. A. K. Mishra defines

It’s About People

Human beings are courageous and resilient.  We can deal with almost anything as long as we do not become disconnected from other human beings.  There is mounting research that proves we need and thrive in positive, human interaction.  Research from more than half a century ago found that a lack of human interaction can damage

A Good Chance to Shut up

It’s easy to forget how powerful silence can be.  We are all so busy we talk on cell phones as we walk to and from the car. It is so noisy all of the time, and there’s something being said all of the time. Pausing for a second or two of silence is a deceptively easy act,

What Does Your Posture Say About You?

Your posture sends a message. Standing tall with shoulders back generates positive energy that supports wellness and allows you to open your heart to others. On the other hand, closed postures–slouching, sagging, leaning away, self-wrapping, head hanging, tense hands, tense jaw and turning away–carry negative energy. Notice your postures throughout the day. When you notice you are

Breakthrough Thinking: Einstein, Picasso, Mozart and Janus

Dr. Albert Rothenberg is known for a pioneering investigation into the essence of creativity.  He studied the milestone contributions of 58 famous scientists and artists, including Einstein, Picasso and Mozart. The recipe for breakthroughs He found that they shared a common pattern: ALL breakthroughs occurred when “two or more opposites were conceived simultaneously, existing side by side

How Do You Rate On Showing Up?

According to Woody Allen, 85% of success in life is about showing up. Rate yourself from 1 to 5 (1 being lowest) on the following tenets of Showing Up. 1.  Getting face-to-face for important conversations. 2.  Practicing committed listening. 3.  Living life intentionally, fully awake and aware of the moments in which you connect with others.

Stop and Listen

There are many moments worth stopping for in life.  It’s easier to glance at the person before averting our eyes and moving by.  To engage, we have to stop.   We have to look and listen — and invest a moment of our time. When we delude ourselves by thinking that we don’t have time to

Learn Something New

  “The best thing for being sad is to learn something.  That is the only thing that never fails, the only thing the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust and never dream of regretting.”  –Merlin to Author in The Once and Future King by T.H. White Learning something

Audit Yourself

 If you want to impact your business in a meaningful way, all you need is a willingness to hear feedback. Ask the people on your team the following questions: 1) If you could change one thing about the communication within our team, what would it be? 2) Do you feel you have enough opportunity to

You can multi-task?

“Then read a book and write one at the same time.  No, multitasking is really just rapid attention-switching.  It takes us a second or two to engage in the new situation.  The sum total of attention is actually decreased as we multi-task.  Slicing your attention is less like slicing potatoes than like slicing plums:  you

Business Authenticity in a Transparent World

You have probably heard the phrase, often repeated as a Chinese proverb:  “May you live in interesting times.” But “interesting times” cut both ways: for good and for bad. And all of us are living through the most interesting times for business communications since the invention of the printing press. Why? Because anyone and everyone can spread their message by

Is Self-Esteem the Wrong Prize?

I was spring cleaning this weekend when I came across an old book, Ten Steps to High Self-Esteem. Flipping through the pages, I had to laugh. Chapter One: How to Feel Great About Yourself. Right there in just 38 pages. The American love affair with self-esteem Americans have had a love affair with the self-esteem and self-help industry for

Smiley Face Saves Lives

Great communicators are able to be effective in a simple and personalized way.We’re all familiar with those vehicle-activated signs that clock us as we drive by. In a study conducted in England last year, the signs didn’t just tell drivers their speed. They showed them a smiley face or a sad face, depending on whether

Vulnerability and the Rubik’s Cube

Recently a young woman came through one of our courses at Interact Studio and shared a story about the Rubik’s Cube. She said that as a teenager she had been so frustrated with the puzzle that she spent hours carefully peeling off every little sticker to make each side of the cube solid. We all laughed with her because