Graceful, Authentic Communications

Sprez-za-tu-ra (sprāt-sä-tü-rä) is an Italian word used to describe someone doing their craft so well that it looks effortless. If you’ve ever seen James Taylor perform live, now that is someone making music in a sprezzatura way. If you’re going for perfection, you’re not in the sprezzatura spirit Sprezzatura was described to me as a combination Read more

Quick Tips: Conversation Charisma

This is the third in a three-part series on natural presence and charisma, which are not reserved for the lucky few with a special gene.  They are the result of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the discipline of practice. Give team members appreciation but do more than pass out “atta-boys.”  Be specific about their contribution by saying, “Here’s Read more

The Power of the Pause

Just a couple of seconds to pause helps you take command of your communications. Talking non-stop creates stress for listeners. The pause helps us think about what you just said and to really take it in. The pause projects confidence and takes all those crazy non-words out of our messages. Take back your power by Read more