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Say Something Real Book

If there is one thing you should take away from this book it is this: The world doesn’t need you to fit into anything but your own skin. What we need today is not only your deep knowledge, but your experience, insights and stories of what life has taught you.

We need your leadership–which is not an exact or impersonal science. You use what you have. And, for many people, authenticity is the discovery that what they have is more than enough.

In an era of uncertainty, there is no better time to consider the way we communicate. To Say Something Real in our meetings, presentations and conversations. To fire up the overlooked force of Authentic Communication.

Say Something Real Book
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Say Something Real Excerpt

We don’t understand humility. In our secret hearts, don’t most of us see humility as a trait belonging to losers who submit to poverty and lowly groveling. How can we possibly be humble and go kick ass in business? But the speaker without humility burns up a lot of energy trying to be a big deal, and is recognized as being insecure. A speaker who runs over the allotted time and doesn’t understand the audience is perceived as arrogant. People who dominate even a brief conversation are bores.

The attitude behind a talk given by a speaker with humility says: I will tell you what I know from experience, but I don’t know everything. I stand for certain beliefs, but I don’t believe I am better than anyone else. I am interested in what you think. I would like to hear all the arguments for and against it. I am open to consider a new perspective.