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#BeAuthentic: Fireside Chats with Interact

Interact is a family of storytellers, speakers, and coaches. Every month we have the pleasure of working with some of the brightest minds from the community and companies seeking to learn how to pull their authentic speaking to the front of their conversations to deliver a more impactful message. We decided to create a digital pavilion, to host a kind of fireside chat to palaver our ideas with others.

Quarterly Chats On Communication Topics that Matter

To begin this journey we’ve decided to host these digital conferences quarterly on Twitter. Over time we plan on expanding our discussions to be hosted on different networks with varying Interact crew members.

#BeAuthentic Campfire Chat

Upcoming Chats

  • Influence & Your Authentic Voice
#BeAuthentic: Fireside Chats with Interact – IA Influence Crew – (image)

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#BeAuthentic Articles & Recaps

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