Top Complaints from Employees

One of the common assumptions we make is that someone who is elevated to a position of leadership has reasonably good communication skills.  How else could they have gotten there?

Many of them were rewarded for their prowess with numbers and operations—not people. Along the way, they lacked the support of people who could have steered them toward more self-development for inclusive communication skills.

Still, we expect a leader to come with “batteries included,” or enough Emotional Intelligence to communicate appreciation to employees for the contribution of their talents.

We were curious—what were the top concerns of employees regarding their leaders and the way their style of communication?

Behind Interact Report Volume 2

Interact joined with the Harris Poll in March of 2015 to conduct an online survey with roughly 1,000 U.S. workers. The survey came back with a resounding message for leaders: Inclusive communication is only everything. Workers called out a lack of awareness around empathy, recognition and the human connection.

The number one complaint according to our survey?  Leaders don‘t recognize employee achievements.  This is significant since one of the key indicators of employee engagement, according to the Gallup Organization, is a recognition-rich environment.

Stephen R. Covey said, “To know and not to do is really not to know.”

We believe that most leaders are good people who understand the importance of inclusive communication intellectually. However, many lack the opportunity to practice and prioritize the skill. Instead, they are under the gun to produce short-term gains and miss crucial opportunities to make connections with employees.

Is this “cuddling” employees?

A client recently told me, “I don’t have time to cuddle people. I expect results.”

Leaders can be demanding, but if they are approachable and supportive of employees they will get a lot more done. A non-inclusive boss with poor communication skills is bad for business.

Bringing out the greatness in leaders

We are privileged to work with many gifted leaders with a vision that allows them to focus on the right things that deserve their attention. Great leaders harness the human connection to build trust and drive extraordinary results that go way beyond short-term gains. 

For many of us, authenticity is the surprising discovery that we have everything we need to communicate our vision to people that will take us where we need to go.

At Interact Studio, we develop leaders and their teams by helping them experience the authentic human connection in everything from conversations to presentations and storytelling

We give people the opportunity to speak from who they really are, and not who they think they should be.  When they experience the authentic human connection, a shift in perception occurs around what is possible when they communicate with others.

We invite you to download Interact Report Volume 2 and send us your questions and comments.  For more information on the leadership development programs at Interact, reach out today. We would love to talk! Contact Lou Solomon.