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Prepping for a Super Hero Moment

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson trained hard for her superhero moment. Are you ready for yours?

What To Do with My Hands! 5 Steps to Powerful Gestures

Let’s explore five tips for gestures that will give you power, authenticity and credibility.

Spring Training: 7 Tips to Help You Extend Your Eye Contact

Eye contact is a form of communication that has no rival. Brush up.

Authentic Moments at the 2019 Oscars

Here are the standout authentic moments at the 2019 Oscars!

It is Valentine’s Day for the Interact Crew

There are many ways to show you care, and I care about the crew at Interact. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tone at the Top

David Tepper made waves as the unabashed new owner of the Carolina Panthers this season.


“There’s power…in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice.” –Michelle Obama

The Parkland Kids – An Update

The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School continue to inspire us.

18 Days of Wait and Wonder

The rescue of 12 soccer players and their coach makes our list of Top Authentic Moments of 2018.

Just Molly

Molly Grantham shines bright for our Authentic Moments of 2018 series.

Words Matter

NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins shares his struggles with depression to help other athletes.

Advice from Abby

Abby Wambach’s speech at Bernard College makes an entry in our Authentic Moments of 2018 series.

America’s Pastor Laid to Rest

Rev. Graham preached across the world for seven decades with openness and authenticity.

Let Your Light Shine Christian Wilkins

College football will not define Christian Wilkins–instead it will be his character.

An American and Her Prince

Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding makes our list of Authentic Moments in 2018.

The President Known for Small, but Mighty Gestures Delivers His Final Gesture

A reflection on George H.W Bush makes it easy to understand his legacy of service.

Interaction Hero Kathy Izard

Author Kathy Izard was our featured speaker at Interact’s Thankful Morning.

Beware of the Dark Side of the Podium

Podiums keep us hidden and disconnected from the audience. Step away!

Sorry, Not Sorry

Non-verbal communication reveals the intent of the message.

Authentic People – Beyonce

Beyonce takes time to show her authentic self through the lens of a strong woman becoming a mother.

8 Ways to Harness Adrenaline when Speaking

Channel your nervous energy into electricity using these 8 steps.

Authentic People – Brian Dawkins

NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins gives a powerful speech about his struggles with depression.

How to Handle Fear

Tips from our in-house adventurer to change negative nervousness into nervous-excitement.

Taking a Page from the Great Interviewers

We can learn so much from the best interviewers in the business.

How to Take an “Authentic Vacation”

Tamela Rich has great advice for planning an authentic, meaningful vacation!

Step Away: Why It’s So Important to Take Time Off

Explore the quality-of-life benefits of vacations.

Graduation Season — Commencement Addresses

Our favorite graduation speakers, their life lessons and the challenges they issue to graduates.

Crisis Management – A Starbucks Case Study

Companies that respond to crisis in an authentic manner can emerge even stronger.

Memorial Day Reflection

This time of year we pause to remember the men and women who have died while serving our country.

Our Home in the Grinnell Water Works Building

Our home, the Grinnell Water Works Building, is filled with history and character.

7 Steps to Win a Big Project

If you’re facing a high-stakes presentation, here are 7 Steps that will help you land the project.

Facebook CEO Faces Congress. What Your Organization Can Learn.

Leaders can take a page from Facebook when they face a crisis of trust and accountability.

Renewal & Revival

Every spring I watch with anticipation for the renewal of my little dogwood tree.

The Voices of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

The students of Stoneman Douglas found their voices to call for change.

Why Your Vocal Quality Is So Important

People use it to read your passion, confidence, sincerity, natural authority and commitment.

Hitting the Right Notes and Avoiding “Tone Deaf” Media Relations

During a time of crisis take the pulse of the people who matter most.

How to Build an Powerful Presentation

It begins with understanding how to build a bridge.

Ten Ways to Blow Your Chances of Building a Relationship

Everyone gets “out of shape” from time to time when it comes to first impressions.

Seven Tips for Increasing Engagement During Q & A

Discover the real power of Q & A with these seven secret weapons.

Getting Ready for the New Year: Best Advice from Billionaire Warren Buffett

Listen to billionaire Warren Buffett’s advice to a class of business students back in 2009.

Ten Tips to Showing Up and Earning Trust

Words matter but sincerity registers in the way you look, move and sound–not what you say.

Ten Deadly Rules for Presentation Visuals

If you’re after mediocrity, all the rules are right here.

8 Ways to Overcome the YIKES! in Public Speaking

If you feel a surge of creepy, cold adrenaline before you speak, we’ve got some good news.

What to Do When Inspiration Leaves?

If you’ve lost your creative mojo, here are 6 Steps to get it back.

6 Steps to Leverage Your Most Basic Powers to Influence

Show up in the moment and be intentional about making connections.

How Does It Feel to Finish a Book?

See behind the scenes of my latest book with some takeaways you can put to good use.

Authenticity: What Does It Mean?

Let’s dive into what it is to be authentic!

Going Rogue: How to Give a Powerful Presentation in the Boardroom

We hold ourselves back by thinking we have to show up like other presenters.

Stop Beating Yourself Up! 7 Tips that Can Help

Being hard on yourself is working against you.

Keep Moving Forward: 7 Ways to Build Your Resilience

Approach life’s challenges with these tips to help you move forward.

Why Vulnerability Matters: 6 Ways to Practice

Vulnerability offers you the freedom to be human. Here are a few ways you can practice.

How to Harness the Power of the Human Connection

5 tips for building a better human connection and influencing positive change.

Persuasive Communication

After many years of helping people with messaging, I have boiled it down into a few simple models.

How to Help Virtual Workers Cope with being Separate

Keep team members engaged, productive and growing–no matter where they sit.

Executive Presence for a New Leader

Presence is never perfected, only practiced.

How to Practice Stretching Your Limits

Deliberate practice gives you access to content while making a connection. Here are six ways to start.

Story Spotlight – Charles Hunt on Rewiring Your DNA

Meet Charles Hunt, a man who created a different story for his life by “rewiring” his DNA.

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions and Set Your Best Direction in the New Year

Before setting goals or making resolutions, respond to these five questions.

Celebrate Your New Beginning

Every great story, every great year, has a beginning. What will be yours?

5 Ways to Make a Dry Presentation Come Alive

Boring topic? The audience is counting on you to make it interesting.

A Heartwarming Story About the Best Gift Ever Received

The most prized gifts come with thoughtfulness and a meaningful story.

How to Make a Memorable (and Meaningful!) Toast

Standing in the spotlight to make an important toast can be daunting. Here are tips to insure success!

An Overlooked Area for Business Improvement

Stories answer questions like: What does our work mean to us and why?

Simple Sharing and Showing of Gratitude

When you share a beautiful moment in nature through a photograph, words are not necessary.

5 Roadblocks to Leadership Communication

Here’s how you can avoid roadblocks in leadership communication.

4 Tips for Overcoming Presentation Snafus

Don’t react, stay focused and keep your cool–and the audience won’t notice!

How to Introduce a Speaker

Introducing a speaker on short notice? We’ve got you covered.

Why Should We Tell Stories?

Stories help us communicate meaning beyond mere words.

Blow up Your Bad Meetings

Bad meetings are the No. 1 offender in squandering face-to-face time that should be energizing.

Seven Timeless Steps to Engage Your Audience

You can engage with your audience easier by remembering these seven principles.

The Transformative Power of Becoming

The process of becoming is ubiquitous in life, there is no escaping.

Why Storytelling at Work Matters

It can be helpful in decision making, but data is dry. Strong leaders wrap a compelling story around it.

Why the Brain Loves Real

Most business presentations are sadly unoriginal. You will stand out when you “plan the drums yourself!”

Why Smiling Matters

Life itself is expression. There’s nothing attractive about a blank face.

A Close Call: Overcoming Old Habits

I began to recognize when I was about to bore people beyond measure.

A Recipe for Your Breakthrough Performance

What risks are you willing to take to make your speaking more powerful and inspiring?

7 Keys to Growing Your Influence

We’re not born with it. It’s a skill you have to nurture and develop overtime.

Hero’s Journey: Defining Events

To share the value of your life lessons with others is the essence of generosity.

Savor the Moment and the Message

Use these 9 tips for effective pausing and allow us to experience your message.

The Power of Storytelling in the Life of a Sixth Grader

In 1976 I learned to articulate real life experiences. It changed me forever.

Tracing Your Influences

As you begin to identify these influences, more and more will occur to you.

How to Uncover, Own and Tell Your Story

The first steps of any spectacular presentation is your own sense of identity.

Are You Ready to Stretch and Play Big?

There is almost more of you left to grow.

Think of Your Audience as the Hero

Planning a high-stakes presentation? It should come as a relief that it’s really not about you.

Don’t Take Short Cuts in Presentation Planning

Not if you want to connect with your listeners without having to search for the words you want to say.

10 Keys to Having a Good Conversation

Consider this. What is the potential value of a good conversation?

How to Make a Virtual Introduction That Inspires Heads and Hearts

Making it easy for others to connect is an act of generosity.

How to Create a Culture of Appreciation (Instead of Entitlement)

A culture of appreciation fosters commitment, engagement, and a willingness to go above and beyond.

What Gets in the Way of Authentic Communication?

We invite you to explore the Interact Report Series.

Guidelines for Leaders who Shrink from Straight Talk

In the absence of straight talk we become less powerful.  

Why Leaders Struggle to Give Employees Helpful Feedback

The fear of hurting people’s feelings and facing drama and retribution.

Q & A with Interact: Public Speaking vs Authentic Speaking

A speech versus a conversation.

As Easy As Riding a Bike? Maybe Not!

Old programming can hold you back.

5 Questions for Setting Your Best Direction in the New Year

Use your best achievements as a guide.

12 Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation

Never settle for the status quo.

Breathing Exercises to Prepare for a High-Stakes Presentation

Develop the habit of diaphragmatic breathing.

7 Ways to Warm Up Your Vocal Presence

Your tone of voice is a language.

Five Ways to Build Profitable Vendor Partnerships

Profits are higher when working with suppliers as long term partners.

Why Management by Email Fails

Face-time is the remedy.

How to Handle a High-Stakes Presentation to a Board of Directors

Bring your heart into a mind-filled room.

Listen to David Shriner-Cahn Interview Lou Solomon on “Smashing The Plateau”

A great interviewer draws out the secret sauce.

Can You be Authentic in a Sales Pitch?

Start by giving away real value.

How to Organize a Compelling Presentation

Open and close well and don’t screw it up in between.

How to Use Data in Your Presentation

Use the whole brain approach.

How to Use Technology as a Presentation Tool

Set yourself up for success.

How to Untether Yourself from a Speaker Podium

Show up and take command.

Are People Skills a Boardroom Blind Spot?

The responsibility to be a role model for employees is even greater.

When does an Audience Stop Listening?

Follow these steps and you won’t have to find out.

Use Your Phone to become a Better Public Speaker

You have a coach in your pocket.

How to Handle Tough Questions at Press Conferences

Here are 7 Tips for a successful showing.

Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

Above all, don’t react defensively.

Five Ways to Become a Better Listener

Listening is more powerful than talking.

Restoring Trust at a Non-Profit Giant: Jane McIntyre

Charm, authenticity and zero B.S.

Building Trust as a New Leader: Six Key Communication Secrets

Trust is the one thing that changes everything.

Use Quotes and Anecdotes in Your Keynote

Consider a short, expressive quote that carries heat.

Use Your Founder’s Story in a Keynote

Employees may need help reconnecting to the original core values of the company.

Management by Fear is Bad for Business

Take a page from the leaders at Costco.

How to Coach Co-Workers: 5 Steps to Success

It takes courage, commitment, and character.

Charisma and Presence: Five Tips for Accessing Yours

The real work of life is going within.

From Bullied Child to Executive Coach: My Story and Advice

Spark new relationships—and build a sense of social-ease.

How to be the Most Influential Person in the Room

5 ways you can practice imperfection.

Wishing for a Do-Over at the Podium

Instead of trying to impress us, bring value and meaning.

Step Out With Courage: 6 Steps for Living Your Dream

You’ll get there—one (small) act of courage at a time.

How to Fire Someone and Leave Their Dignity Intact: 5 Points to Consider

Always act in the spirit of respect.

Why Demands Fail to Motivate People

Attempts to control people with fear will always backfire.

Can you Pause Too Long When Making a Presentation?

A good pause lasts 2-3 seconds or so.

How to Use Your Defining Moments

Knowing your story is the foundation for credibility.

How to Clear the Air

Be willing to engage people in a high-stakes conversation.

How to Craft a Meaningful Message

Eight tips to help you infuse meaning and value into your talk.

A Case Study: How to Coach through Change

Knowledge alone doesn’t change behavior.

5 Steps to Get a Meeting Back On Track

As you’re planning your next meeting, get crystal clear on the purpose.

Seven Ways to Build Your Smile Power

Catching a smile from another person can trigger an experience of happiness.

Brian Williams: Experience, Humility and Embellishment

The debacle offers some valuable lessons about leadership.

Building Trust in the Workplace: A Case Study

Believe the best in one another.

Nine Ways to Open Your Presentation

Say something unexpected and interesting.

How to Begin Your Presentation Before You Say a Word

The real beginning happens before you leave home.

How to Close a Meeting: Four ways to Create Buy-in, Get Results

Don’t send people away with only a hazy sense of what happened.

The Four Steps to Risk Taking: Takeaways from a Ropes Course

Today is new. Set a goal. Re-risk.

How to Build a Network that Will Help You Succeed

Five Steps to having an exceptional network of peers.

Powerful Presentation Tips from the Slinky Dog

Learning to pause is the most freeing thing a speaker can learn to do. Slinky dog can help.

7 Ways CEOs “Stay Close” in Large Organizations

Culture rests on human relationships.

Facilitate Instead of Train: Four Ways to Make Learning Stick

Give participants the space to try new things.

How to Facilitate Like an Expert: A Case Study

Change your thinking – the actions and results will follow suit.

How to Lead a Meeting (and Leave ‘em Wanting More)

Meetings are too expensive to throw away!

10 Verbal Mistakes that Drain Your Credibility

…um, like, you know?

Why Body Language is Important When Presenting

It’s not all about the words. It’s about the way you show up.

Asking Questions that an Audience will Answer

Engaging others in conversation is an art.

Four Questions to Help You Uncover Your Keynote Topic

Everyone has a topic within them.

How to Blow Up a Boring Meeting (In a Good Way)

Tips for getting off of the “Pain Train.”

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Do more of what gives you life and less of what robs you of energy.

Authentic Communications: Being in Concert

We all long for a meaningful energy exchange.

Quit Faster

When we refuse to let go of old ideas we can wind up in the wall.

How to Craft a Line, by Patrick McLean

Here’s how to craft whatever kind of line you need.

A Good Chance to Shut up

The more self-conscious the speaker, the less he or she will pause.