Amber Lineback, ATHENA Leadership Award Nominee

She would never do this for herself, so we would like to brag on our teammate Amber Lineback, who was recognized recently as a nominee for the ATHENA Leadership Award® – honoring women who have achieved the highest level of professional excellence.

Amber Lineback

Amber is a senior course leader and consultant for Interact in her “spare time” from a full-time role as an organizational effectiveness practitioner for Piedmont Natural Gas. She is treasured there and by the team at Interact not only for her facilitation but her insights into the human side of business.

Amber is also a ton of fun with a quick sense of humor and humility. She is not afraid to have fun at her own expense and doesn’t fall too short of being a stand-up comedian. The last time we were all on the road together our faces hurt from big smiles and long belly laughs.

Amber is a brilliant lion-heart with whom we are honored to work. Congratulations, Amber!

Athena Award
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Amber Lineback
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Executive Coach
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