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Amber Lineback’s Article in Realizing Leadership



Realizing Leadership magazine focuses on leaders like you who want to better understand the various aspects of leadership, develop your skills and improve as a leader.

Realizing Leadership features leadership experts in the In Conversation section of the magazine where leadership specialists share their knowledge about what makes exceptional leaders and they offer ideas and actions that can be done right now to become the leader you aspire to be.

This month’s featured guest in Realizing Leadership in Conversation is Bill George who discusses how we as leaders can anchor ourselves to our values and principles and become better, more authentic leaders. What are the first steps to take? How will we develop by taking them? Learn how we can tap into our authentic selves and understand how to bring it forward into our leadership.

Also in this issue:
+ Building Trust as a New Leader by Amber Lineback
+ The Intentionomics of Leadership by David Penglase
+ The Great Debate: Are Extroverts or Introverts Better Leaders? by Peter Barron Stark
+ Four Major Barriers to Standing in Your Professional Authority by Blair Glaser
+ Managing Emotions in the Workplace by Claudia St. John
+ How to be Honest by Jim Bouchard
+ Patriarchy to Partnership: Navigating Two Journeys by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams
+ Leadership Profile: Carli Kinnear with Glain Roberts-McCabe

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Realizing Leadership magazine is app-based and available only on mobile devices: iPad, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch and Android 4.1+.