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Interact Team

Lou Solomon

Lou Solomon is an author, TEDx speaker and the founder of Interact. She is a member of the adjunct faculty at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte. Her articles and insights have been published by Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and HBR.
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Julie Haldane

Julie Haldane is the quintessential people person–and the most empathic listener we know. Her facilitation and coaching style is grounded in deep listening. The former National Director of Training and Development for a large enterprise, Julie is a tireless traveler, coach and connector.

Meet Julie

Patrick Sheehan

Patrick Sheehan is a thoughtful coach and facilitator who multi-tasks by running camera. A native of Upstate New York, his background is in television production. He has a unique gift for simplifying a boring slide deck and humanizing a corporate script.

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Amber Lineback

Amber Lineback is a consultant, executive coach and master facilitator for Interact in her “spare time” from a leadership role in organizational effectiveness at a Fortune 100 company. She was recently among the nominees for the ATHENA Leadership Award®, honoring women who have achieved the highest level of professional excellence.

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Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers has 30 years in broadcasting and production and has covered everything from live sports to world events. Michael also produces marketing videos for colleges and corporate clients. He says that as a filmmaker and storyteller, his world comes together in the work he does with Interact.

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Andy Ciordia

Behind all that we do at Interact is the influence of Andy Ciordia, for whom we’ve yet to find the right title. He is our marketing director, web developer, technology expert and multi-level designer and dreamer.

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Tina Tyler

Tina Tyler is a force of energy, heart, and the most loving attention to detail we’ve ever seen. When she calls to confirm your reservation at Interact Studio or arrange for your visit, you will feel cared for.

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Susie Adams

Susie Adams has 30 years in communications. Accomplished in public relations, media training and crisis communications, she is known for her intuitive wisdom around even the most difficult messaging challenge.

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