About Interact

At Interact, we challenge the old ideas of “public speaking” and “presenting” which have been painted so broadly they don’t take into account your ability to sharpen the sense of purpose and meaning in the room–and today more than ever, this is no small thing.

Our goal is not to teach you tips and techniques for being someone else’s idea of a strong communicator. Our goal is to release you into your own authentic style. We want you to  realize  that you are already a great communicator.

We are not suggesting that this is a casual proposition. Let’s face it, It takes real work to speak not from who you think you should be, but who you really are, and make an honest connection with others. But through deliberate practice of being present and speaking from the heart, you can visit that space more often. You can strengthen your voice, which is completely and utterly original.


  • Leadership team development
  • Private studio sessions for individuals
  • Open-enrollment, public courses at Interact Studio
  • Speaking engagements
  • Curriculum and program design

If you’ve thought about growing your self-expression and influence, it’s time to do something. In an age of complexity, there is no better way to cut through the clutter than with your own authentic style of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Interact Teach?

  • The Interact Formula™ teaches people to connect at the level of trust and grow their influence.

How do you do it?

  • Our focus is on classroom group courses. The most powerful way for people to get better at making connections is to practice with teammates, get lots of real time feedback, and view themselves on video.  Our learning experiences are high-touch and transformational.

Are courses available to individuals?

How is the Interact approach different?

  • We are about style development, not technique development. Sure, we’ll teach you all the helpful techniques. But we’re after what makes you different—your unique strengths, stories, essential knowing and take on life. This is your natural authority.

Where can I expect to improve?

  • The Your Authentic Style Learning Series™ is a customized design program to help you elevate your impact in every medium from conversations, presentations and facilitation to coaching, messaging and keynotes.

Does the Interact Team travel?

  • Interact has traveled coast to coast and we keep an extra set of bags packed by the door!