authentic communication

August 2015

When does an audience stop listening to your presentation?

When does an Audience Stop Listening?

Think about the last time someone held the conference room, board room or ballroom in the palm of their hand and engaged listeners for the perfect amount of time—with a moment or two so real it was undeniable that something very different had just happened. How to determine the length of your presentation With so much to gain,

Handling a heckler can be as scary as facing an angry dog

Six Ways to Handle a Heckler

“Just how I wanted to spend the day,” Sheila said, throwing her computer bag on the table, “in a public speaking class!“ “Good news,” I said. “You’re not here to practice public speaking. You’re here to practice making a connection with people.” Hecklers in the conference room Sheila was part of a product development team within a