authentic communication

November 2014

Technical skills get you on the "high potential" track but leadership skills keep you there

Executive Presence for the “High-Potential” Leader

The number one reason I am asked to work with individual executives is to help them make the transition from transactional relationships to forging real human connections—to develop executive presence.  The “high potential” leader Most of these people have followed a similar track. They were identified as “high potentials” for their analytical talent, operations efficiency

The head of the Slinky Dog represents you, the presenter. The tail represents your audience, who's trying to catch up

Powerful Presentation Skills from the Slinky Dog

One of the most powerful visual tools we have to teach powerful presentation skills is the Slinky Dog. I know what you’re thinking, “What on Earth can this toy dog teach me about being a better communicator??!” Plain and simple, the Slinky Dog represents The Pause. Think of the Slinky Dog when you speak The

Consider "no-email Friday"

7 Ways CEOs “Stay Close” in Large Organizations

Today the large enterprise has people scattered across the globe—but the success of any culture rests on relationship and human engagement. Influential leaders find ways to stay “close” to employees, no matter what size organization they lead. Here are seven ways to stay in touch 1. Get Real. If your company communication has become so over-engineered