January 2013

The Power of the Pause

Just a couple of seconds to pause helps you take command of your communications. Talking non-stop creates stress for listeners. The pause helps us think about what you just said and to really take it in. The pause projects confidence and takes all those crazy non-words out of our messages. Take back your power by Read more

Plan a Meeting Makeover

Communications are too important (and expensive) to waste on bad meetings and conference calls. Meetings that drain the life out of your people cost time,  money and energy. The fabric of your organization’s communication culture is found in your everyday meetings and conference calls. Spend the time to plan a meeting makeover that might include Read more

Um, Uh, Like, Uh

Non-words include “um, uh, like, uh, and so” clutter our conversations. Before you can get rid of the non-words and verbal clutter you must notice them. Don’t use non-words to bridge from one thought to another. Instead of using non-words, just take a pause. Demonstrate that you have command of your thoughts by replacing non-words with pauses. Read more

5 Essentials for Presence and Charisma

Natural presence and charisma are not reserved for the lucky few with a special gene.  They are the result of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the discipline of practice. Build your physical confidence.  Presence cannot happen amid restless shifting, fidgeting and pacing.  Presence requires a degreeof intentionality and owning your space.  If you haven’t developed the habit of standing tall and taking Read more