At Interact, our sole focus is to help you deepen your influence and connection with the hearts and minds of your clients, both internal and external. After 15 years of working with the world’s most forward-thinking individuals and organizations, we’ve learned a few things and we’re ready to go to work for you. If you want to develop a competency that gives your organization the edge, or you want to blow their socks off at your next speaking engagement, we have you covered. Explore our articles, which are organized into six categories.

What People Are Saying About the Learning Experience at Interact

Interact Report Vol 2

Interact Research

Read the new Interact research reports on how lack of communication leaving America’s virtual workers feeling disconnected to the striking lack of emotional intelligence among bosses..

Taking a Page from the Great Interviewers

Being a great interviewer is part art, part science. The best in the business have certain similarities and skills we all can learn from. And you can apply their tips to your own interview situations. Read more

How to Take an “Authentic Vacation”

Tamela Rich shares some suggestions for planning an authentic vacation for you and yours. They follow her motto to “Pack Light, Travel Slow, Connect Deep.” Read more

Step Away to Come Back Stronger: Why It’s So Important to Take Time Off

By giving up and not taking vacations we’re giving up well-being and quality-of-life benefits. Explore what they are, why we do it, and ways to build vacation awareness. Read more

Graduation Season — Commencement Addresses

Most graduation speakers pull from their experience and life lessons to celebrate and issue a new challenge to graduates. Here are a few highlights from this year’s lineup that peaked Susie’s interest and won her approval. Read more

Working with the Best

We have long-term relationships and a great track record with many Fortune 500 companies.